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Company :SOCHA LLC
City :Delaware
Country :
United States
Industries :
Research and development
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Company Description

Our Story
Since our inception in 2010, we have grown from a consortium of globally recognized experts who evaluate the effectiveness of development assistance, to a comprehensive analytical service provider that specializes in advancing innovative methodologies to enhance the way donors find solutions and adapt to social problems. Our work informs social change across a myriad of sectors including governance, stabilization, economy, trade, technology, anti-trafficking, health, education, agriculture, sustainable fishing and climate resilience.

Vision and Values:
We envision global equality where everyone can participate fully to realize their potential. To realize this vision, our mission is to empower social change through well-informed analytical and adaptive management services.

We espouse these Core Values:

  • Inclusive Dialogue: Include all perspectives in the ongoing dialogue of improvement to foster innovation.
  • Informed Confidence: Venture on pathways with the highest chances of equitable success, but don’t disregard alternatives.
  • Complexity Management: Embrace as much complexity as needed to achieve simple solutions, but no more.
  • Discovery: Seek equitable innovations that empower individual, organizational and societal growth.