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Talent Center for Human Resources Management is proud to be a pioneer center in Sudan devoted to enhancing HRM careers in the country with a variety of services and offerings. We provide Human Resources Consulting to help companies solve HR challenges using best practices from policies and procedures to performance management and talent strategy. Training is one of our most essential services. We are the first CIPD providers in Sudan and have successfully graduated over 40 Associate CIPD members. We have provided all kinds of management, HR, customer service, and soft skills courses and can't wait to add more to our portfolio. Since 2012 Talent Center was founded on providing internal and external recruitment. We have recruitment contracts with several of the largest employers in Sudan as well as partners in the Middle East. We have recruited from mechanics to executives. We provide CV screening, pre-interviews and assessment centers. Our partnership with Birches Group has put us at the forefront of delivering salary surveys with the most reliable and consistent salary data in Sudan. With over 50 of Sudan's employers from companies to NGOs and Embassies, we are excited to grow the number of participants to create a more transparent salary data collection for Sudanese companies in these volatile times.